WP6 Conferences and Advisory Board


Public Conferences

There will be three major conferences. The target size for participants is 120-160 persons. The inaugural conference at the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) is primarily designed to communicate our project and our project goals to a broader audience, bringing relevant stakeholders to the forefront of our project. Above all, the status conference at the Vietnamese Institute of Building Materials (VIBM) serves to present our empirical research results, policy approaches and other project activities for discussion. The feedback received should adapt our measures even better to the local conditions. The presentation conference at the newly established Competence Center for Sustainable Construction in Vietnam (CCSB-UN) will present our final project results and show strategies for achieving lasting effects beyond the funding period.


Scientific Advisory Board

The project is accompanied by a Scientific Advisory Board, which advises in particular the implementation and utilization. The members of the advisory board, with a total of sixrepresentatives out The administration , industry and science from both countries were selected to strengthen the application-oriented character of the project and to link the project activities with the relevant actors in Germany and Vietnam. Potential members were requested and will be introduced in the section “Presentation of the project team” (see below). It is envisaged that the advisory board members from Germany will travel to Vietnam for the kick-off meeting in order to be able to speak to the relevant actors on the spot and to get a better idea of ​​local conditions and needs. The Vietnamese Advisory Council members are invited to Germany for the second meeting of the Advisory Council. In addition to the meeting of the Advisory Board and the on-site visit of the German project partners, it is planned to enable the Vietnamese Advisory Board members to exchange views with German specialist colleagues and institutions (eg BBSR, UBA, DIBt).

In the course of the project, the members of the advisory board are regularly informed once a year about the project activities and the developed products, as well as on current issues, at the specified dates and invited to a short feedback report . The feedback reports are summarized and commented upon by the project management and possibly derived adjustments de r project work it.